Who We Are

Theobald Fox is a full-service creative agency with an integrated PR and communications team. We are a tight-knit collective of thinkers, planners, agitators, designers, marketing experts, listeners, communicators, PR gurus, artists, filmmakers, animators, writers, questioners, dreamers, problem-solvers and all-round good people to know.

Founded in 2006, we have successfully delivered projects in every corner of marketing, advertising and communications; brokering multi-million pound sponsorship deals for the biggest names in global entertainment, directing and producing short films, branding and re-branding, charity work, radio ads for top fintech brands, launching football shirts into space, floating Richard Branson’s boat… We could go on for hours, but time is precious and you can find the highlights in our portfolio.

This great breadth of work has resulted in an enviable network and the confidence to create, produce and deliver just about anything we’re tasked with. Quite an achievement by - and testament to - the small, versatile team we’re so fiercely proud to be.