Making Creative Work

Creativity is the foundation on which Theobald Fox is built. It’s in everything we do, encourages us to think differently and allows us to solve any challenge we face appropriately and successfully.

Beyond our lateral and inquisitive outlook, our creative team is an effective, passionate collective whose technical skills and flair gives form to our thoughts. Whether a project requires graphic design or illustration, through to animation or film and on to experiences, integrated campaigns and strategies that lead your brand from the front, our skill and experience reaches every aspect of our industry. Beyond our internal process, our approach is key to our overall practice; we see our clients as our favourite collaborators and work together to create the best outcomes possible.

No matter how big, small, well-defined or hazy your brief, Theobald Fox guarantees a highly-motivated, highly-capable full-service creative agency with a proven record and an intolerance of mediocrity.

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