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Brand Creation.


Create a brand identity, brand name and brand proposition for a start-up company, that offers sustainable delivery services in the form of cargo bikes and electric vehicles.

The brand name ‘ecofleet’; came from extensive research delving into the areas that ecofleet are relevant to; business, transport, sustainability, delivery. It was vital that the name stood out against competitor brands whilst still having relevance to its market.

The brand’s visual identity was created to communicate the positive and sustainable qualities that ecofleet stands for. With a pattern to reference the streets of London, and the brighter future that ecofleet will bring, the choice of colourful brand colours helped to create a recognisable brand for all to see. With the pattern wrapped around cargo bikes and electric vehicles, the brand of ecofleet is positioned to be easily-recognisable in a predominately green-coloured brand competitor space.

Brand Creation