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- Annual report revealed an increase in awareness of 269%
- Inspired HRH William and Harry’s involvement in CALM
- 48% increase of supporters
- Nominated for ‘Third Sector Campaign of the Year’ Award

Create a brand campaign to raise awareness of CALM and the statistics that surround male suicide.

#Mandictionary is an out-of-home campaign that engages both men and women educating them through amusing and relatable definitions of ‘man’ - breaking down the stereotypes. Partnering with outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, we implemented the campaign via multiple platforms across the country. Strategically placing billboards around bus and train stations where statistically most suicides unfortunately take place.

The campaign continues to be distributed digitally, printed on beer mats, in magazines and was chosen as ‘Reading’s Charity Bus of the Year’ culminating in a vinyl-wrapped double decker bus. The campaign reached HRH William and Harry, inspiring them to write a piece for the CALMzine and spurring on their involvement in mental health campaigning.


increase of supporters.

increase in awareness.