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Digital Brand Campaign

Produce a digital-led brand campaign to re-launch RHA’s internationally known ‘TrueConnect’ product and its three new colours to their aspirational, travel-centric and predominantly male audience.

Before the brand campaign could be created, we realised RHA’s brand was muddled and unclear. All campaigns deserve and need solid foundations, so we undertook a re-structuring exercise with in-depth research culminating in a lengthy brand proposition document which outlined how RHA should communicate themselves to their audience.

With a clearer understanding of who we were talking to and how, ‘Live the Journey’ was created; a brand campaign focusing on the 25 hour battery life USP. An overall campaign film, supported by smaller USP focused social edits, was created. These followed our ‘hero’ male as he travelled through different scenarios using his TrueConnect earbuds. Watch this here.

The main brand film was supported by two other RHA characters - representative of the three new colours - appearing in supporting photography across the campaign.