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Starling Bank

Brand Campaign Support

- Multiple daily plays on Capital and Radio X to 3million+ listeners
- Trending app on App Store and Google Play after broadcast

Coinciding with an overall brand campaign, create and deliver strategic messaging in a radio advert to be aired on Capital and Radio X which positions Starling Bank as ‘everyone’s bank’, plus additional ad hoc campaign support.

Advertising in the banking sector is highly competitive, often conservative and dominated by well-established brands. To tackle this, we developed a tone of voice for challenger bank Starling that would allow them to break into the space and position themselves as different from the norm but equal where it mattered; they are approachable and understanding as ‘everyone’s bank’, but just as professional and legitimate to assure future customers that their finances will be in safe hands.

We created a radio advert based on the idea of ‘The Bank of Mum & Dad...’ in response to the consumer preference of human, relatable brands and Starling’s incredibly broad target audience. The script playfully toyed with preconceptions and stereotypes to highlight Starling’s position as a challenger and suitability for all, and ultimately drove home the brand’s USPs through a TF-produced voiceover which further cemented the brand’s personality. Listen to the radio ad here.

In addition to our scripting and recording of the radio ad, we remained on hand to provide further support to Starling’s in-house creative team where needed. This included copywriting and campaign consultation, plus design, artworking and production management of digital and print ads across London and Southampton.

Starling Bank