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Tokyu Hands

Social Content

Tokyu Hands is a staple of Japanese life, but the brand had no marketing material to circulate amongst UK journalists and western audiences. We were tasked with creating engaging social media assets to bridge this gap and improve their ability to communicate with new western audiences.

Acting as the translator between Japan and the West, we rooted the film treatment in the already-understood style of ‘blogger product hauls’ to give familiarity, but added an element of the busy otherness of Japan in the edit to define a differentiation and interest. Within each film, we introduced the viewer to key figures on Tokyu Hands’ coverage and stores, as well as what they could expect to find when they walk through the doors. The dizzying array of choice was reflected in the hectic edit which slowed to reveal our top product picks in detail, giving a better understanding and encouraging a need to visit and see what they can discover.